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Sandpoint - Occupational Therapist

Apply to: Susan Ferguson
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Sandpoint, Idaho

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To practice Occupational Therapy consistent with the American Occupational Therapy Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. To lead the process in development, implementation, and coordination of the occupational therapy program. To use professional judgment and clinical knowledge to develop individualized treatments. Plans, organizes, and conducts occupational therapy program in hospital, institution, or community setting to facilitate development and rehabilitation of mentally, physically, or emotionally disabled persons by performing the following duties.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: include, but are not limited to the following.

· Evaluates patients’ progress and prepare reports that detail progress.

· Complete and Maintain necessary records.

· Provides practice in functional, prevocational, vocational, and homemaking skills, and activities of daily living.

· Coordinates participation in sensorimotor, educational, recreational, and social activities designed to help patients learn life-management skills within limits of their mental and physical capabilities.

· Consults with other members of rehabilitation team to select activity program consistent with needs and capabilities of individual and to coordinate occupational therapy with other therapeutic activities.

· Test and evaluate patients’ physical and mental abilities and analyze medical data to determine realistic rehabilitation goals for patients.

· Help patients improve decision making, abstract reasoning, memory, sequencing, coordination and perceptual skills.

· Designs and constructs special equipment for individual and suggests adaptation of individual's work-living environment.

· Requisitions supplies and equipment.

· Lays out materials for individual's use and cleans and repairs tools at end of sessions.

· Conducts training programs and health promotion programs, group activities, or discussions to promote client health, facilitate social adjustment, alleviate stress, and prevent physical or mental disability.


Must be a graduate of an accredited school of Occupational Therapy. Must have or be eligible for State Licensure.

Preferred Skills: